Gregory M. Strum

"Excellence in recording the Grand Piano"

STRUMUSE is a professional-quality project-level recording studio located in south Salem.

The studio is specifically designed to produce professional-level recordings of live performances on a very high quality grand piano.

The space is large enough, and was to designed to be flexible enough, to accomodate small ensembles, vocal recording, and small bands.

What I Offer: A Service Unique To this Area

 I have designed an acoustically proper recording space, and have learned and honed the skills necessary to capture the true sound of a high quality grand piano.  This is my primary focus as an artist as well as an audio engineeer.

In addition, the design of the space allows the flexibility to create anything from a moderate-sized room to an isolated vocal booth.  My recording and mixing gear are professional-level quality, giving me the ability to record up to 11 channels of live audio simultaneously.   This allows the live recording of small to medium-sized ensembles of virtually any make-up.     
A Recent Example
This is a piece I composed, performed, and recorded in March, 2017.  It is dedicated to our first grandchild, Nora Linley Strum, who was welcomed into the world on March 30, 2017.